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What do you do when your little girl wants rocket ships and trains on her dresses?\n \n
Going in a new direction requires adjustments. The key is doing what needs to be done at your pace.\n \n
Author Jill Schiefelbein chats with Summit Consulting Group CEO Alan Weiss about his perspective on why entrepreneurs often fail.\n \n
Security doesn\'t just increase safety. It increases the legitimacy of your business.\n \n
PeopleFoundry Founder and CEO Michelle Joseph knows that understanding why things happen can help make a company become successful.\n \n
Make sure you get the right information at the right time.\n \n
Use this remarkable tool to realign your marketing campaign with what will give you the best results.\n \n
For entrepreneurs who hope to create companies that can thrive for the long-term, be sure to avoid spending your funding on any of the items below.\n \n
Customers like the \"pro\" of risk reduction for trying your product; but, beware the \"con\": Some may try to manipulate you.\n \n
Coverage can\'t be bought. You can send us stuff if you\'d like, but that doesn\'t mean we\'ll write about you.\n \n

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