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Starting a business begins with your mindset.\n \n
Indian women aren\'t supposed to put themselves first or pursue a career. Mona Patel broke that mold.\n \n
How to go from idea to paying customers in one to eight weeks.\n \n
Saying \"I want to help people\" sounds great in a beauty pageant, but it\'s neither a strong enough reason nor the mission you need, at the start.\n \n
Who can say no to a little extra money every once in a while?\n \n
Businesses are incredibly difficult ventures to start.\n \n
The founder of Gilly\'s Organics sits down with Jessica Abo to explain how her side hustle, and crowdfunding, helped fund her organic line.\n \n
Veteran-owned businesses have long been a key part of the American economic engine.\n \n
You grow your company by putting proven performers where you need them most. If you don\'t have them, hire them.\n \n
As the owner of a startup or small business, there\'s a certain stigma that comes with your size and lack of experience in the marketplace.\n \n

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