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After investors turned him down, Jonathon Ende, Seamless Docs CEO and co-founder, struggled to get funding to continue growing his business.\n \n
You don\'t need to be rich to start your own business.\n \n
Nearly a quarter of new entrepreneurs are boomers aged 55 to 64. They have experience, financial stability and extensive networks.\n \n
If you want to make serious bank, however, you\'ll need to look at industries that are just as stable, but are at the top of the profitability spectrum.\n \n
Jen Gotch, founder of, sat down with Entrepreneur Network partner Jen Hacker in Hawaii to talk entrepreneurship and building her brand.\n \n
Most startups could benefit from being in an incubator, but fewer are a fit for an accelerator.\n \n
While gauging user feedback is definitely important, entrepreneurs need to both listen to what users say, and selectively ignore them.\n \n
The only problem is that the rule assigns foreign-born U.S. entrepreneurs \"parole\" status, and they must then scramble to stay here.\n \n
If you\'re trying to be a consultant, remember the words, \"Customers buy for their reasons, not yours.\"\n \n
As JetBlue\'s founding team showed, applying simple common sense can be your most innovative strategy.\n \n

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