The Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce (SCBCC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) business  organization dedicated to improving the economic environment for the minority business community, and fostering business development and prosperity. The SCBCC focuses its efforts on four major areas:

  • Economic Development
  • Community Development
  • Public Policy and
  • Membership Services

The SCBCC invests financial and other resources to implement relevant programs for members and which affect the orderly growth and development of the community. It is the catalytic agency that brings together all of the forces, public and private, through which common goals can be resolved. The fundamental mission of the SCBCC is to create and promote a climate where minority businesses can operate in a productive and profitable manner.  The SCBCC has served member businesses since 1993, enabling them to prosper through mutual cooperation and support.

Financial Strength and Stability

As in any business a sound financial base is essential for a chamber of commerce to perform its mission. A portion of the SCBCC’s finances are received on a voluntary basis from chamber membership, through an annual dues investment. The amount a member pays to the chamber may be based on a fee formula, business classification, special negotiation or averaging. Increasingly over the last 10 years, dues make up a smaller percentage of  chamber budgets, with the average being about 50 percent.

The remaining portion of the budget is dependent upon income received through the sales of  publications, charges for services, special projects and foundations. A well developed product and  services program is the current trend for successful chambers of today.


The SCBCC is governed by Officers and a Board of Directors. The President of the Board appoints Committee Chairs to meet the needs of the Chamber. The staff is headed by the Executive Director.


The SCBCC’s primary programs are created to provide the maximum benefit to business owners and professionals in Southern California. These programs include:

  • Contacts to Contracts – The SCBCC actively engages in facilitating government and corporate contracts for minority businesses.
  • Business Development and Training – Minority business owners, operators and their staff are provided a range of workshops, one-on-one training, peer mentoring, resources and referrals.
  • Understanding the Political Process National Convention – The SCBCC’s political convention brings legislators, community leaders and members, professionals, business owners and future leaders together for 3 days of intensive conference networking, training, panel discussions and business  development. This convention demonstrates and promotes active participation in the American political process.
  • Networking and Professional Development – The SCBCC provides local and regional   networking for all who wish to participate. Monthly mixers, local business conferences, seminars and workshops are provided for the purpose of unifying and connecting minority businesses with the  resources, contacts and training needed to grow their businesses.
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